Mentorship Program


Remember what it felt like to be a beginning golfer?

You arrived at the golf course for the very first time, not knowing anyone and feeling a bit intimidated about teeing off with Chapter players you didn’t know…

• You were unfamiliar with the course, really didn’t know the rules very well and were sure you might hold up the experienced players…

• You were uncertain about etiquette, what to wear, placing a ball marker, or repairing divots

We want to make it more comfortable for new golfers and new members to learn the game of golf and here’s how:

We need our Chapter Members to serve as mentors!

What are the qualifications of a Mentor?

It’s not about your handicap—it’s more about making golf a fun activity for the first time player!! You must have a good knowledge of the basic rules and etiquette of golf (what to wear, pace of play, etc.) and be able to answer questions that beginning golfers may ask.

What are my responsibilities as a Mentor?

Essentially, you want to make sure that the new player-member (your mentee) feels comfortable on the golf course by knowing about:

• Basic golf rules, etiquette and pace of play

• Chapter activities, including education clinics, golf outings, and social events

• How to arrange for weekly play, where to meet, what time to arrive, etc.

A suggested list of ideas and activities will be provided to those who are interested in serving as mentors.

Just remember that mentoring is not about your golf score! It’s about welcoming new members to our Chapter and making them more comfortable as a beginner on the golf course!

How will I be matched with a Mentee?

We can match you with a new member-golfer based on where you play, where you live, or with someone you already know who wants to join our Chapter.

Who do I contact to become a Mentor?

Sign up by sending an email to

Please provide your name, telephone number, address, and email.

For more information, call Judy Link at (615) 300-8001